Wild Caught Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Steaks

Coming from Hawaii or Ecuador, this sushi quality yellow fin tuna has a vibrant red color and can be eaten raw, grilled or sauteed. Order it from All Fresh Seafood!

Tuna has been a popular food for centuries. The fish were highly prized by the Ancient Greeks, who mapped their migratory patterns in order to fish for them. They are a member of the mackerel family and are found in warmer seas throught the world.

These beautiful torpedo-shaped fish can grow to an enormous size – up to 700 kg / 1,540 lb, although they can be small as 1-1.5kg. They have immensely poweful muscles and firm, dark, meaty flesh.

There are many varieties of tuna, although as a result of centuries of overfishing, only about half-a-dozen varieties are sold commercially.

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