Original Organic Beef Jerky

Natural, certified-organic beef jerky, high in protein, low in fat. Comes from beef raised on a ranch without added hormones or antibiotics, and contains no preservatives, no added MSG, no nitrite, no erythorbate, and no artificial ingredients. Golden Valley Natural Beef Jerky is only minimally processed. US inspected by the Department of Agriculture.

Golden Valley Natural Meat snacks offer an alternative to the confection and pastry-based protein bars and drink powders. Protein eaten in a natural solid form is much more appealing and satisfies the appetite longer than liquid protein shakes and drink proteins. Their natural meat snacks are many times more convenient, less sticky, and easier to eat than traditional jerky products and meat sticks. In addition to being high in protein and low in fat, many Golden Valley Natural meat snacks contain less sugar and salt than traditional meat snacks off the shelf. Golden Valley Natural meat snacks are also devoid of traditional cured meat preservatives, such as nitrite and erythorbate.

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