Comice Pears

Comice Pears are acknowledged as the rarest and most luxurious of any pear variety grown.

Grown only in a few Northern orchards that share Hale Groves passion for quality, these pears join an elite circle that has earned the Hale stamp of approval.

The comice pear has an appearance that is slightly different from the customary pear shape. The body is much rounder and fatter than other pear varieties, and the top is rather short and squat. Like other pears, comices are generally green, but some will have a reddish tint showing up in patches around the surface of the pear.

Plump and bursting with juice, they’re so smooth and creamy, you can actually spoon them like sherbet or custard. It is so favored and popular, that the comice pear is almost always found in Christmas gift baskets and seen in fruit bowls on many a holiday table.

Hale Indian River Groves is located in Indian River County near Vero Beach and Wabasso, the very heart of the famous Indian River Citrus Belt — a relatively small but premier citrus producing area in Florida. Hale Groves is fortunate to have a special combination of rich soil, ample water supply, and moderate climate – very rarely reaching a freezing temperature.

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  1. judi souder says:

    I am looking for comice pears – the web says you have them oct to Jan

    do you have any


    434 262-0123

    • Job says:

      Judi, just click the “Buy” link below the text and you will be redirected to the vendor who is selling comice pears.

      And, yes… you can order them at this time!

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